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From Pittsburgh to San Francisco to Boston over the past few years, Sonia is no stranger to different parts of the US. Listen to her conversation with’s CMO, Jeanne Hopkins, on the newest episode of Table Fries for a deep dive into Sonia’s thoughts on her experience becoming a software engineer, love for problem-solving, and much more.

About Jeanne's Guest, Sonia Chevli:

Sonia Chevli is a new frontend software engineer at She works on the booking team where she is constantly working to add new features that optimize the flight and hotel booking process. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh ’17 with a degree in Biology and then shortly after discovered her passion for solving problems and being creative through writing code. She then went on to an intensive 9-month school in San Francisco where she learned all the necessary skills that it takes to start as a software engineer. Shortly after finishing school there she got hired as a front-end developer at

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