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Dive In and See What Happens

January 21, 2020


Alex Hyman's path to was a very intentional recruit. Through Krista Pappas, she was brought on the team once Krista came to lola travel. To understand her book recommendations, you'll need a grasp of the term "woo-woo". She has a good list. You'll also learn about the water taxi and what a good day looks like. How would you answer that question? 

About Jeanne's guest:

From tackling new challenges at work to chatting with the waiter at a restaurant, Alex is always asking questions. She prides herself on her curiosity and ability to get to know anyone who crosses her path. Alex is a passionate chef, a devoted dog mom, and an avid traveler. Her never-ending energy and willingness to try new things makes Alex a key driver of Lola’s partnerships. She values people who are able to be authentically themselves, which is why her dream dinner guest is Anthony Bourdain. Learn more about Alex’s path to Lola, travel adventures, and a positive attitude in this episode of Table Fries.


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