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If something seems scary, do it!


Ashley Welch is very familiar with confronting her fears. From her experience as a social worker and a fearless traveler, Ashley has learned that facing your fears instead of running from them is a key to success. Listen to her conversation with’s CMO, Jeanne Hopkins, on the newest episode of Table Fries for a deep dive into her thoughts on a customer-first mindset, her worst job, favorite book and more.

About Jeanne's guest:

Ashley Welch is the Director of Service at, where she leads the company’s team of travel support specialists to ensure that Lola’s customers get all the help they need, whether they’re on the road or at the home office. Prior to Lola, Ashley graduated from Roger Williams University with a degree in Communications. She began her career working for the Commonwealth as a social worker before entering the travel industry at Vacation Guru.

Wicked Loving - The culture story.


This is the inaugural episode of Table Fries with host, Jeanne Hopkins, CMO Jeanne's guest is Stacey Scott, Vice President, People Operations/Travel Services at In this episode they talk about what a good day at work looks like, current reading list, Stacey's hiring story and how she knew it was the right fit.

About Stacey Scott

Stacey Scott is the Vice President of Travel Service and People Operations of, where she is responsible for delivering unparalleled service to Lola customers as well as overseeing the company's employee and candidate experience. Prior to Lola, Stacey built and managed the service team at Gemvara, acquired by Berkshire Hathaway. Stacey has spent her career hiring, training and managing teams to help them reach their fullest potential.